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  • Build your own Robo-Investor🤖.

  • Teaches Python🐍, Data Science👨‍💻, and Value Investing📈.

  • Assumes zero knowledge. Full Video tutorials.

  • Easy to use data analysis tools for fundamental stock investing.

AI Investor Performance

(Authors own AI following the book, AIs will differ depending on training data. The AI Investor may or may not do well over time. These stock picks are not financial advice. Please read the disclaimer.)

AI Investor Stock Picks

Every March

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JBHT 74.3%
EPZM -51.1%
NOW 90.5%
LNT -13.1%
RFP 338.7%
GPRE 348.4%
MA 38.5%


NWL -5.8%
GLYC -58.3%
MAR 13.1%
TRUP 8.9%
BKD 11.1%
AFI -72.9%
CMLS 10.7%


GEO 97.8%
COMM 5.5%
TUSK 195.4%
HIMS 65.8%
CPS -23.0%
X -17.3%
AXL 31.7%


SWN 43.1%
WWW -39.9%
RDFN -17.2%
USX 0.0%
BGFV -26.9%
CNK 16.6%
CPS 5.1%

How The AI Works ⚙️

A simple way to pick stocks with Data Science.

The AI equally weights seven new stocks every year.
AI Investor stocks are rotated every March
to coincide with release of 10-K Annual reports.

The AI is made entirely with code from the book.
The expectation is for slightly above S&P500 return,
and high volatility.

Building at AI Investor is as an educational tool
to teach simple Python and Data Science that may
be useful in informing investment choices.

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